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Boiron Brand Information

History of the Laboratoires Boiron®

Starting in 1911, René Baudry, pharmacist, specialized in the production of homeopathic medicines by founding a homeopathic pharmacy, the Pharmacie Générale Homéopathique Française [French General Homeopathic Pharmacy] at 68 Boulevard Malesherbes, in the 8th Arrondissement, in consultation with Dr Vannier, a childhood friend living in Paris at that time. He left Paris in 1922 after having sold his business, and went to Annonay in Ardèche. In 1926, Dr. Vannier created the Laboratoires Homéopathiques de France [Homeopathic Laboratories of France] in Paris. In 1930, René Baudry joined the group of homeopathic physicians in Lyon and founded the Laboratoire Central Homéopathique Rhodanien [Rhodanian Central Homeopathic Laboratory], at 38 rue Thomassin in Lyon. The Parisian physicians of the Ecole Moderne d'Homéopathie [Modern School of Homeopathy] invited him to return to Paris to found a national laboratory for the production of homeopathic medicines. He agreed, provided he could keep the company in Lyon, and then sought out colleagues to help start this new company. Henri Boiron and Jean Boiron were looking for work. They had just earned their Diplomas in Pharmacy in addition to Doctorates in Science. Thanks to Dr. Mondain, they met René Baudry, who hired them.

In June 1932, Jean and Henri Boiron founded the Laboratoire Central Homéopathique de France [Central Homeopathic Laboratory of France] in Paris, in the premises at 68 Boulevard Malesherbes. One year later, René Baudry and Henri Boiron took over development of the Paris laboratory, which became the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes [Modern Homeopathic Laboratories] (LHM). As for Jean Boiron, he took over development of the company in Lyon, which became the Pharmacie Homéopathique Rhodanienne [Rhodanian Homeopathic Pharmacy] (PHR).

In 1965, a monograph, "Préparations homéopathiques" [Homeopathic Preparations] was introduced into the French Pharmacopoeia.

In 1967, Laboratoires Boiron was founded by combining the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Jean Boiron (PHR), the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Henri Boiron and the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes (LHM). The first regional production and distribution facility was opened in Toulouse in 1968. In 1974, the head offices and the production plant moved into the green belt in Ste Foy-lès-Lyon, near Lyon.

Starting in the 1970s, regional establishments were set up in Lille, Belfort, Nantes, Avignon, Grenoble... and 1979 saw the establishment in Milan, Italy, of the first foreign branch, which marked the beginning of international development for the Laboratoires Boiron, amplified by the founding of branches in India, the United States, etc. Christian Boiron followed Jean Boiron as President of the Group in 1983. The Laboratoires Boiron continued their work on the development of homeopathy and strengthened the distribution network by opening 29 regional establishments to date.

The Institut Boiron, founded in 1985, has stressed this commitment and expanded it within the international medical and scientific community. In 1987, Boiron Group stock was offered for the first time on the OTC market at the Lyon Stock Exchange. 1988 marked the merger of the Laboratoires Homéopathiques de France (LHF) and Boiron. In the early 1990s, the merger with the Sibourg laboratories in Marseilles completed the current national coverage of Boiron. In 1995, a new production site was built in Messimy, near Lyon.

Taken from the Boiron® website